Sunday, March 8, 2009

Party Puppies and Jedi

Marina and Zachary are twins that are turning ten. Now I imagine when you are a twin it might be difficult to feel like you have your "own" birthday. But these kids' mom really knows how to make sure they each get their own party! (Even when it's on the same day at the same place!)
This is the partyware that was being used at Marina's birthday party.He's cute for sure!
This is the cake that was served on that cute partyware!
This puppy is hand painted with chocolate. I knew I was going to have to venture into something new when I received the request to have a yellow lab puppy on a sheet cake. I have seen other sugar artists actually paint whole pictures with only chocolate, so I knew it could be done. I think he turned out really cute, take a look at his 'sparkling eyes' and 'wet nose'.
The only problem~according to the birthday girl~how can she get a corner piece and a piece of the puppy?!


This is the party theme for Zachary's birthday party.
This is the cake served to Zachary's party guests.
Again, I knew I was going to be looking at some new techniques when she asked for this. It is really hard to translate something 'real life' into sugar and have it look right. So I found a picture of the Jedi heroes and traced them onto an edible icing sheet. Then using edible markers, I completed the look. The next best thing to having an edible photo printer....I still get to use my own artistry skills and the birthday boy gets a cake with characters he recognizes!

So three cheers to Marina and Zachary's mom for making sure that each child gets their own party.
You rock mom!


  1. So realistic! What a cutie the little puppy is! What makes the sparkle? sugar? Such talent!

  2. I had to look at a close up of the picture to see what you were talking about. I think the pawprints are shiny from the (gasp) butter in the recipe! Hee Hee. Gotta love buttercream icing! ~K