Saturday, May 23, 2009

Made to Order for Caitlyn

This is a good story. I received an email from Caitlyn, she lives in my neighborhood, asking for a birthday cake. Caitlyn is turning 12 so I replied back to her and asked her to have her Mom call me to work out the details. Caitlyn's Mom called the next day and had a list of the "requirements" for Caitlyn's cake. She said that Caitlyn had been "camping out" on my website for several days and she had come up with a list of what she wanted (did I mention she's 12?!).
Triple Chocolate Cake
Cream Cheese Icing
Frosted in pink ~ light pink ~ like pink lemonade!
Lime Green Stripes
Cool Light Blue writing So I had this scrapbooking page that really fit the bill according to Caitlyn's request so I took her instructions and ran with it. When I took the cake over to her house she was waiting in the look and......"I LOVE IT!"
Something I love to hear!
I think the world needs to brace itself for a new cake designer!
Happy 12th Birthday, I hope you had a great party Caitlyn!

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