Thursday, August 6, 2009

Party Maker Storewide Clearance Sale

This post will stray from my normal cake postings. I felt I needed to share this information with my local readers so they can take advantage of some sale prices.
I have been getting cake boards and boxes at Party Maker since they opened. They are close by and have great prices (which helps me a LOT). I am sad to say they are having to close their doors. The economy has taken it's toll on everyone and unfortunately party sales have suffered.
The owners of the store, Jay and Kezia, are a very nice family and have been great business people to work with. I am sad to see this happen, but am wishing them luck on their next venture ~whatever that may be.

So as a friend, a fellow room mom, a neighbor or cake customer ~ I know you all need party supplies at one time or another. Right now the entire store is 25% off and all of the holiday items are a whopping 50% off! Hurry in before the supplies are gone! Plates, napkins, cups, favor bags, decorations, etc!

If you're like me you might want to get some of that shopping out of the way before the holiday nears. Since I signed up for room mom this year, I went ahead and got the supplies for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Easter! They have all the major holidays out and that includes St Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving and New Years! Or maybe you have a milestone birthday coming up or a baby or wedding shower ~ there are so many party themes to choose from. They also have all the solid color party ware in all shades of the rainbow. If you are a sports mom, maybe get supplies in your team colors.

It's really a win win situation. It will reduce their inventory as they prepare to close and you can get some cute party ware at sale prices! So don't delay ~ the inventory won't last long! Tell your friends, neighbors, teachers, PTO members and room moms so that they may also take advantage of the sale prices!
Now I need to go find somewhere to stash my party supplies!
Have a great day!

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