Sunday, January 24, 2010

Benjamin's Chowder Birthday

My "baby" turned nine this month! Where does the time go????

Every birthday we talk about what theme he wants his cake to be and usually it revolves around the things that he is most interested in at the time. Star Wars, dogs, legos, dogs.......(he likes dogs) but this year we came up Chowder.

If you don't watch Cartoon Network then you probably won't know who Chowder is. I have to admit the first time I saw the characters and the crazy setting, I told my kids they couldn't watch it. Then I actually sat down and watched an episode with them and it is quite funny! Chowder is a "boy" that lives in Marzipan City and is learning to be a chef from Mung Daal. All the characters in Marzipan City have a food name and all the food they prepare has a real food name, but altered to be silly. You just have to watch to get the food humor. That's probably why I like it, because it is centered around the kitchen but it is much more than that. At least you can get a good laugh!
So come on in cause somethings always cooking yeah!

This is the logo for the show.

Here is a picture of Schnitzel, Mung Daal, Chowder and Truffles in Marzipan City.
Here's my take on a Chowder cake....
this is Chowder....

This is Mung Daal, he is the chef that is teaching Chowder how to cook.
This is Truffles, she is married to Mung and runs the front operation of the business.
This is Schnitzel....all he says is "rata rata" in different intonations. He's the help around the kitchen.
This is Pannini, she's in love with Chowder and wants to be his girlfriend.

And this is my baby with his 9th birthday cake!
Love you buddy!


  1. awww... isnt he cute?! I have never heard of that show but I love that they live in Marzipan City! The cake looks great!

  2. i've never heard of this cartoon but you did an amazing job on the cake and the characters! I love how everything comes together so perfectly well!

  3. cool cake, but schnitzel actually says 'Rada' not 'rata'.

  4. My kids said the same thing about schnitzel....