Saturday, September 18, 2010

Toy Story ..... 3!

Carson is turning 3.

And thanks to Pixar Entertainment....Toy Story has been revived for a new generation! 
How lucky that Toy Story  3 fit the bill for his party!
He was very specific that he wanted Woody, Buzz and especially Jessie (she is his favorite!) on his cake.

The characters are made out of buttercream and Carson's name and the number 3 are made from modeling resemble the Toy Story 3 Logo!
Happy Birthday Carson!


  1. Your buttercream characters are awesome!! They look soooo perfect like straight from the book! I have yet to try this to get some tips from you when i do. :D..which i believe you did post in earlier!

  2. Love the cake !! how do you make the Characters?

  3. Paula ~ the characters are made using a method called frozen buttercream transfer or FBCT for short....I have a sample tutorial on how to do it. Thanks for looking!

    1. Where can I find the sample tutorial?