Friday, October 1, 2010

Minnie Mouse Ears

Ever since I saw a minnie mouse themed cake on my wonderful friend's website.....Sweet Art Shop.... I have been wanting to make a similar design.

Luckily Kristie had the same idea for Ella's 2nd birthday!

This cake is 100% edible!

My favorite parts.....

Disney font writing.....
and the edging on the bottom of the hat, complete with stitching!

Feedback makes me smile!

Thank You soooo much for the cake! Ella loved it. Everyone thought it was so CUTE. Then they tasted it and they LOVED it. There is no cake left over. People were calling to stop by and get a piece. I have 2 friends who want to order a ckae for their kids birthday. I am sure we will contact you soon. Thanks again! I can't wait to order Jaxon's cake. He will be one in March.
Kristie R

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