Monday, November 15, 2010

Daisy Cake Tutorial

You may have seen the 3D daisy cake I did a few weeks ago.  When I received a request for another one, I thought I would take pictures to show you how I turned a 2 layer 12" round cake into a 3D daisy!

So first imagine the crumb coated cake as round....

Then I measured the circumference around the outer edge to determine how large each section should be.

Once I mark out each section, I cut a small triangle on each line and turn the triangle piece around to make the tip of each petal.

Here is the top view of the triangles.
Then use buttercream to attach the pieces and fill in the gaps.  I had to trim the tips off the very ends since my board wasn't quite large enough.
Again, this is the top view.

And here is Ella's Ladybug Daisy Cake!

I used a different design and different colors for this know how I don't like to do the EXACT cake more than once!

This could definitely work for a snowflake or any other kind of multi petal flower!