Sunday, December 11, 2011

16th you can drive!

Milestone birthdays are fun! 

I love that everyone has their own style and way of celebrating these.  You've all seen the 40th birthdays with grim reapers and the message that you are knocking on death's door.  Some people decide to go a different route and celebrate the greatness you achieve when you turn 40 (that happens right?) 

So 16 years is a milestone here in the States since it means you are now able to legally operate a motorized vehicle on roadways.

Cason's Mom wanted his cake to be all about this new found freedom he was going to have. 

I used colored chocolate (candy melts) to make different road signs and a truck. 

I took the traditional "Route 66" and made it "Route 16"

I put his name on the cake as a street sign.  And of course a fondant road around the base of the cake so he can get moving in his truck!

Hope Cason is a safe driver!
Happy Birthday!

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  1. What an awesome idea to make the Route 66 into Route 16. Totally love it!