Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hippie Chick

This partyware theme is called "Hippie Chick".

It definitely has a 70's retro feel to it. 

I love how trends ebb and flow, they always come back!
I guess sometimes that is good....shutter shades.  And sometimes that is bad....bell bottoms. 
Sorry bell bottoms, I do not love the pictures from my youth when you were there.

I had a difficult time getting a good picture on this....alas a photographer I am not.

Although I wish I could get another 8 hours in each day and I would devote that time to learning how to take the best pictures!

Iced in chocolate buttercream (boy howdy do you wish you could smell this deliciousness!) with fondant accents.

What will the next trend be for kids these days?

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