Saturday, April 14, 2012

Barnyard First Birthday

Look at these cute plates!

I love the little piggy!

Here is a larger version of the dinner plate.

This had to be the design for the party cake. 
Cake is iced in buttercream with cow print on sides using black fondant spots.

Of course I had to do the mud piggy as the smash cake for the birthday boy! 
Yum, yum chocolate MUD!


  1. Too cute! Haven't had a chance to comment in a while but I spent some time checking out all of your latest creations. Have I mentioned you are super, super talented?? Wow! Love the farm animals...I'm working on a cross-stitch that is similar. Too cute!

    1. So happy to see you on here! I certainly don't keep up with my blog or others very much these days. Hope you guys are having a good beginning to summer!