Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Time!

So cute, baby so cute!
These are the napkins being used at the baby shower. So cute, great colors, too much fun!

Here is Cake Believe's interpretation of this shower theme.
I love pretty polka dots and the baby is just too cute. The hostess asked for polka dots and stripes and showed me the napkin design, then she let me work out the final design.

Cute little fingers and toes, this baby even has a belly button!
I had fun modeling this little person out of fondant - I think he's a boy, but we're not sure yet!


  1. This cake is darling! You must have so much fun, but then people eat your ART!!! I might cry over that. Deb

  2. Luckily, I'm not usually there to see the actual destruction. I do like to see how happy it makes people, and I love to hear how much they enjoyed the cake. I promise I am going to make a cake inspired by one of your works of art soon!

  3. Yes, truly, truly a work of art! Okay - so I have to ask -- can the baby be saved? Does fondunt (sp??) go bad? I know that is such a silly question....but YOU know I am not a baker! I seriously thought about sending you a photo of the (boxed) cake I made for Brian's birthday....but you would have laughed so hard! And, you know the saying in my house...."oh well, it'll still taste good...." - K

  4. Fondant can definitely be saved. It should be stored in an air tight container and it will harden just like clay over time. The color added to it will often fade if left in direct sunlight. There are many cake artists that spend a great deal of time modeling fondant for cake toppers, I'm sure those are keepsakes for the cake recipients