Sunday, March 8, 2009

Squirrel Hunting....or Hunting Squirrel??

Isn't he cute? Think the Constitution allows for squirrels to bear arms? Okay, this is a cute story! Timmy is turning 14 and he likes to hunt squirrels, his Grandmother on the other hand really doesn't like the fact that he does that. In fact she used to have a pet squirrel. When Timmy's mom asked me about making this cake she really wanted to play with the existing contention. We thought about a 3D squirrel made from red velvet cake...that way Grandma would be eating squirrel~then we talked about less 'graphic' design options. Ultimately I decided to design a cake that made a play on the words "Squirrel Hunting". This saved me from having to show any of the less glamorous aspects of squirrel hunting.
So you tell me what do you see....a squirrel hunting cake or a hunting squirrel cake?!~

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