Saturday, April 25, 2009

Black and White Wedding

What a classy wedding color scheme ~ Black, White and a splash of Red ~ This three tiered cake is simply elegant.
Black silk ribbon around the base of each tier, a white on white scroll pattern above that and handmade red fondant roses.

The groom's cake is designed after the grooms truck.
A custom made Chevy "drag/low rider".

You might wonder what is coming out from under the back of truck.....?

Apparently when these trucks are racing they are so low to the ground that sparks shoot up where it meets the asphalt. I made the "sparks" from hard candy that I heated up and "pulled" to make fun shapes.
(They might look more like flames....but give me the benefit of the doubt please!)

My version of a new vanity plate for the groom!
(It even has the Georgia peach in the background!)

Congratulations Britt and Kev!

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  1. Cute cakes, Missy! I was excited to see what you had come up with, especially since you had such a little amount of time. The Wedding cake itself is very lovely -- but the Groom's cake is just fantastic! ~ K