Monday, May 25, 2009

Austin's Baseball Cake

This is Austin's birthday cake.
He plays for the Bobcats, he is number 22, and he is turning 10 years old.
His mom wanted him to have a 3D baseball cake...isn't she nice?
These are the cookie favors that also went to his party.
These cookies are covered in fondant. The fondant gave a great "leather" effect on these cookies!
We have had constant rain for about a week and I was sure that royal icing wouldn't dry properly with all the humidity. So I went with the fondant glad I did they turned out great!
Here's the feedback I got from "Mom"
We LOVED the cake. The cookies were great too! Austin was amazed at the baseball on top of the cake. I will definitely think of you when we have a special occasion.
Have a wonderful summer! ~Ginger
Happy Birthday Austin!


  1. How much would my Ryan LOVE that cake & those cookies??!!! Adorable....maybe I should be saying they are "handsome" since they are for a boy! Anyway, love them, that baseball looks completely real!

  2. Ah, that is the neatest looking cake. You know, I think you all would love living in Nebraska. Really you would! And I would order your cakes all the time and send all my friends to you to order theirs, and ....please say you'll move up this way!

  3. Aren't you ladies sweet! I would love to make a trip and make something cool for you!