Saturday, July 11, 2009


Turning 16 is a "coming of age" milestone in many peoples lives.
There have been many songs written about being/turning 16. You can't forget about Sixteen Candles a classic John Hughs movie from 1984. Even MTV has a reality show "My Super Sweet 16" where people try and have the most elaborate parties sparing no expense.
Many youth get their driver's license and then the world suddenly becomes much larger. You have the freedom to go many places all on your own!
Turning 16 is a momentous occasion.

This Sweet 16 cake is for a couple of lovely young ladies that live nearby. One of those girls helps take care of our dog when we go out of town. She is beautiful, polite and very trustworthy. I was honored to make her a special cake for her party.
She asked for a teal/turquoise cake with white polka dots.
This is the design I came up with ~a tiffany blue, two tiered cake with fondant polka dot accents and a gumpaste 16 topper.

Happy Sweet 16 Maggie and Kelsey!

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