Sunday, October 18, 2009

Georgia Bulldog Birthday

If you aren't from Georgia, you might not know about the Georgia Bulldogs.
If you are from Georgia....or at least live can't help but know about the Georgia Bulldogs.
Tyler's Mom requested a Bulldog themed cake for her son's 12th birthday and I was more than happy to take on the challenge.

You run a risk interpretting a well known character into a sugar form, that it will not resemble the original that everyone knows so well.

So I found some images on the www and moved forward.

You can find this logo on many University of Georgia sporting items.

This is the official logo you find on most University of Georgia sporting items.

And of course if you are from Georgia ~ they aren't dogs....they are dawgs!

I always love to deliver cakes and get the initial reaction from the recipient. The best ones are usually from the young ones, they speak their mind so easily.
Taylor was so polite and friendly and when he opened the box to take a look....the first word he said was "Dadgum". I'd say that was a pretty good reaction and it made my day!
Happy Birthday Tyler!


  1. Wow! What a neat cake! I cannot even begin to imagine how you do something like that -- you are a true artist!

  2. Did you make the Bulldog and the Georgia logo out of Fondant? I am making a Bulldog cake this weekend and I am looking for any pointers, please help!

  3. Jinger ~ The bulldog and G logo are made from colored chocolate. They are done using the same method you would use to make a FBCT, only you use melted chocolate! I have a FBCT tutorial on my blog if that helps! Good luck!

  4. I would like to order one.! how can I get my hands on one?