Friday, January 15, 2010

Cupcake Cookies!

My youngest just turned nine!
He wanted to take cookies to his class lunch to celebrate. I had this new cutter that I hadn't had a chance to use and he was excited to bring cookies that looked like cupcakes!

I used my favorite go to recipe for almond vanilla sugar cookies, but I tried a new recipe for icing this time. I have been following Cookie Crazie and her BEAUTIFUL designs. I thought I would give her icing a try. It is definitely more flavorful than the Wilton royal icing recipe I usually use and because it contains corn syrup the final design has a shine to it! I used a creme bouquet flavor in the icing and it was a bit overwhelming in I might use it again, but just a little less....or stick with straight vanilla.

The birthday cake theme is Chowder from Cartoon Network. Stay tuned for pics of the cake.
Happy Birthday Baby!

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