Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fast and Furious...

I love when a cake has "more than meets the eye" meaning for someone.

Caroline wanted a 3D Mitsubishi Eclipse for her friend. She even sent me a link to Mitsubishi's website that gave me a 360 degree view of the car....LOVE that! She said in passing that she jokes with her friend about having a "Fast and Furious" car.

So I studied that car and when she said his car was black....I suggested, maybe everyone didn't want to walk away from the table with a black she trusted me to choose the color.

This is the look I was going for, only in gray/silver.

Side view
Front view
Custom license plate ~ Fast and Furious ~ hee hee
Rear view

Here is the feedback I received!
Thank you so much for making that Fast and Furious car cake. Our friend really was taken back by the cake and enjoyed it very much! It was a hit with the entire restaurant. Everyone loved the way it look just loved the taste even more! Thanks again! You definitely have a life-long customer with us.
Sincerely ~ Caroline N.

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