Monday, March 8, 2010

Tinkerbell's Party Dress

Let me start by camera was dead this weekend and I was only able to get photos on my phone! Aghhh!
I am hoping people got good pictures at the parties and will be able to send them to me.

So the pictures seen here are not the usual grade and it's disappointing to me because these were cool cakes!Without further ado.....

Tinkerbell dressed for Reilynn's 4th birthday party!

Reilynn is a fan of Tink and all things pink! So I got a Tinkerbell doll and set off to make a dress cake! These cakes were popular when I was a kid and just like the tie dye making the rounds again, I thought we should bring back the doll cake trend!
(Plus, I've been waiting for the chance to make one for a long time!)

This is the back of the gown (I wish I had more detailed photos to show you!)
I made fondant/modeling chocolate leaves and created the dress bodice and a stream of leaves down the back....I even made pink leaves to meld the green and pink together.

This is the side view.
You can see the texture of the leaves...if only you could see all the veining I did!

And here is the front view! Each one of those tiny green flowers was individually created and placed on the front!
Happy 4th birthday Reilynn!


  1. What a beautiful Tinkerbell ;o)

    Take a look in my blogg and see your suprise ;o) waiting for you.

    Hugs Elin

  2. Cute! I have yet to make a cake like this but would love to. Tink turned out fabulous.