Sunday, July 4, 2010

Zebra Gift

I've done a zebra gift before. But practice makes "perfect".

Some of the changes I made. I used fondant to cover the "lid" cake. I mainly use buttercream, because that's what people want, but to get the smoothest finish....fondant did the trick. I also did a more traditional loopy bow with corkscrew ribbons.

This is far from perfect, but I think this one is moving in the right direction.

Also the feedback I received was wonderful. I love it when someone takes the time to make a call letting me know how much they enjoyed the cake. I think this was a great "gift"!


  1. Yes, it's perfect! love how straight your edges look! Spectacular job!

  2. this is a lovely cake, im just starting off so please check my blog and follow it if you like, maybe you can give me some tips and advice as i go along

  3. Hello. This cake is really neat and very pretty. Can you please tell me how u did u manage to hold the gift box lid on top of the dried fondant papers? It would be great if you can email me on Thanks. Anna