Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Time is It????

If you don't watch Cartoon Network, then you don't have any idea what Adventure Time is. Even if you watch might still NOT understand what Adventure Time is.
My kids laugh hysterically at this is a bit bizarre and definitely a fantasy cartoon. So for my oldest's 11th birthday I decided to use this as the cake theme.
This is the top view.
Here is a front view. The characters are made from chocolate.
Here is the birthday boy...anxious to get the candles lit and make a wish!

And finally here is "Jake" all served up with a slice!
Happy Birthday my sweet boy. You are growing up too fast.
Mom loves you forever!


  1. such an adorable cake! I'm sure he's happy with his cake! Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. how did you make the adventure time topper thing? I'm trying to make a cake like this in my cooking class and I'm struggelling to create it.

    1. The characters and title are made from colored chocolate using a chocolate transfer method. Hope that helps!