Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Gender Reveal Cake

Finding out what gender your new baby will be is always an exciting part of becoming a parent.

New ways to announce what your baby will be to your friends and family is also a very fun experience.  

  Jana heard a story about having a party and revealing the gender of the baby to everyone.  She said she wanted gender neutral colors and a polka dot theme.  And since nobody knew the gender a big question mark to keep people guessing.  I decided to add the male and female symbols as an accent.
Sounds fun, right?!
Well heck yeah! 
 Because the only way you're finding out the baby's gender at Jana's party.....
is to cut open the cake!

Tinting the cake either pink or blue, so when the parents to be cut the cake everyone can SEE!

Jana sent me a picture of the cake once it was cut.  She said the party was a blast.
I love being a small part of such an important day for someone's family!
Congratulations on your baby BOY to be!


  1. Um, did Merry's Custom Cakes bake your cake? Because if not, she is using the image on her fb like she did. https://www.facebook.com/merryscakes