Sunday, March 18, 2012

JB lives in Buttercream!

I'm sure you've heard of this kid, he's kind of popular.  He sings and of course all the girls are in love with him!

JB....Justin Bieber!

New party themes are always exciting to me.  But I had never attempted to create a "real person" in cake form until.....

JB themed birthday requests started coming in!

So I found a picture of JB on the WWW and created a FBCT of his likeness.

This cake has the lyrics of his famous "Baby" song around the sides

Purple and black seem to be the signature colors for JB.  And girls love zebra stripes....sooooo

Piano keys go all around the sides of this cake!

If I get another request for a JB cake, I think I'll try a different picture of him!

Something photo editing software "recognizes" faces and asks for you to tag the person...... it wanted me to tag this face! 

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