Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Own Private Island

The boys' school had their annual spring fundraiser and this year the theme was LUAU!
Last year was the Rodeo Roundup and I donated this cake.

So when the PTO asked if I would donate another cake for the raffle, I said yes!
This year however, you didn't need to be present to win, so I offered a gift certificate and made a small themed cake to have on the table.

Here you can see the seaweed sides with coral, fish and a purple octopus!
Isn't he the cutest? I got this tiny mold as a freebie somewhere.....I can't remember just now. It is a First Impressions mold. I have another one of their molds, that I haven't had a chance to use yet, it's a baby.
I added a cabana made from Oreo Fun Stix, melted chocolate and fondant.
I can't wait to make a cake for the raffle winner!

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