Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Puppy Love Cookies

I almost hate to post this right now because it will really show you how far behind I am in my posts! 

But if you've been following me for awhile, you know I have been MIA for quite awhile and just pop in every once in a blue moon!

Aaaaanyway....these are too cute not to share. 

These were Valentine cookies that I packaged for giving!  The request was for dogs.  But I wanted to add the heart with a pawprint and give the dog heart spots and dog tag to really make it fit for Valentine's day giving.

Two different colors of dogs and hearts, gotta mix it up!

Even though Valentine's is long passed....or far in the future....

I love you guys!
Thanks for following me on this sweet journey of blogging!


  1. These are too cute. Did you have cookie cutters this shape or did you cut them out yourself?

  2. Kristen ~ I have a puppy and a heart, I cut them out separately and put them together before baking!