Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tangled Tower

For everyone that remembers, I only have boys at my house.  So when I get cool girl themed cakes, I jump at the chance....but sometimes I have to do research to make sure I have the details.

There is pretty much NO WAY that my boys would sit through the movie Tangled!  So I had to resort to internet research on this.

Mom specifically requested a 3D tower, so you know I was all over that idea!

Mostly the base is the cake that was served at the party.  There is a small cake that makes up the bulk of the tower top.  The tower itself has a pvc pipe to maintain the integrity and also to hold the weight of the top.  Then I used RKT (rice krispie treats) to build the shape into what you see.  Then it is covered with buttercream icing.
The very top of the tower is a sugar cone upside down and covered with fondant shingles. 

My favorite part is her long golden hair flowing out the window and down around the base of the tower.

I have since viewed the movie....and believe it or not the boys watched too!  :O

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