Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh So Sweet Ladybug First Birthday

I know I've talked about how many amazing cake/sugar artists are out there in the world. 

Well if I had to pick a top 5 .....Sylvia Rivas aka Chocolate Moose Cakes, is definitely on that list!  You can click here to see her photostream on flickr.

Her work is AMAZING!  The clean lines, the perfectly smooth buttercream, her wonderful artful eye for beauty!  (Okay, so I idolize her....go look and you will too!)

She has a beautiful lady bug cake that she did, and I used her cake for inspiration when I received an order for an Oh So Sweet Ladybug first birthday.  My client actually sent a picture of someone else's replication of Sylvia's cake for me to reference.  But I knew I had seen that cake done perfectly before so when I checked her photostream I had my real inspiration to work from.

These are the party supplies to be used for serving cake at the party and a sample of a party banner.

So here is my version of the Oh So Sweet Ladybug First Birthday theme!

Cake is iced in buttercream with fondant and chocolate accents.  Ladybug top is cake and RKT(rice krispie treat), covered in fondant....the only non-edible decoration are the antennae. 

I thought you might enjoy the "360" view....  here is a side view

Here is some ladybug "bootay"

and here she is with Olivia's "smash cake".

I just LOVE first birthdays!


  1. Absolutely cute! I love your writings, they are perfect!
    If you don't mind, can you tell me how you stuck the ladybug's head to its body? Will it not fall?

    1. Bimmer ~ Thanks for looking! The entire lady bug is made from RKT. Use a little melted chocolate to stick the pieces together and when it sets, it won't go anywhere!

    2. Thanks, I realised you mentioned the RKT in your post! I overlooked that, sorry! Again, I love your cakes! :)