Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bridesmaid's Luncheon Cake

The occasion:  A Bridesmaid's Luncheon - CHECK

The Theme: Hot Pink and Black to match the invitation - CHECK

Style: Please use Wedding Cake Pulls - CHE....wait....WHAT???

I thought I had been in the south long enough to have heard of all traditions surrounding cake (groom's cakes at weddings, smash cakes for first birthdays). 

But this time I learned something NEW!

Have you heard of these? 

Cake Pulls? (Absolutely nothing like a tractor pull!)

 Cake Charms?  (Like non-edible fortunes in cake!)

Intriguing to say the least....  if you want to google it....check here for the background story!

But here is the gist (excerpt from Jewelry by Rhonda):

The custom of "ribbon pulling" dates back to time of  Queen Victoria. A bride would hide small charms (distinctive symbols of romance, love, friendship, memorials, etc.) attached to satin ribbons within the icing of her wedding cake. The bride would have each of her bridesmaids (as well as other important women in her life) pull a charm from the cake before it was cut. It was believed each charm had a special meaning, a bit of advice, or would foretell the future in luck, romance, fortune, etc.

Here are the charms that went into (or should I say under) this cake.

It's really kind of a fun idea.  Bride gives gifts to bridemaids as a thank you, and this little charm has a special meaning or fortune attached to it. 

Wouldn't it be fun to buy each maid a charm bracelet and have this be her first charm!?
(I added the hot pink ribbons to match the cake theme, they came with a cream colored ribbon)

Once I got a look at the invitation, I knew I wanted to do the damask pattern with a cake stencil, but I knew ribbons would be in the way.  So I put the charms UNDERNEATH the cake, so as not to interfere with the decorating!

Here is the cake with a copy of the invitation and a top view of the cake also!

This side view shows how the ribbons are all around the cake.

Everyone loved the cake.

The only thing I wonder about.....

Does each bridesmaid pick a ribbon and they all pull at the same time, or just one person pulling in order of standing as the wedding party?

Anyone have a good story/tradition to share?

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