Sunday, September 20, 2009

Burnt Orange Calla Lilies

These Calla Lilies are made from gumpaste.
Gumpaste (sugar paste) is edible, but the main reason to use gumpaste vs. fondant is that fact that you can roll it much thinner (giving you a more realistic look to flowers and leaves) and when it dries, it dries quite solid (allowing you to make your items well in advance without worry of spoiling). So while it's not really the best thing to put in your mouth, it is the best thing to use when you want realistic looking flowers!

This is the top view of my lilies after I placed them on the cake. I made a coordinating bow and green spirals to give it depth and texture.

I started with an orange base color of gumpaste.
I used my Arum Lily Cutter Set from FMM. This cuts the shape you need and also gives a veining texture to the flower making it appear more realistic. I created yellow stamens the day before and then wrapped them with the flower body and formed them into the shape I wanted. Once they were completely dry (overnight) I then shaded them with petal & luster dusts to add even more dimension. I used ruby, sunflower and sage green.

The theme for the party was sage green and burnt orange. I used a scrolling pattern on the sides of the cake and a nice message of love for the intended bride and groom.
(The cake was quite stunning ~ too bad I don't have a nicer camera to really capture the details and true colors.)

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