Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Fun Present to Show You

My DH went overseas to The Netherlands for business and after a long 10 days he returned bearing gifts for us all. The kids got some cool soccer jerseys and some other little things. I got a bag from a jewelry store! So I wanted to share with you this fun experience. Really it was quite surprising.....I don't usually get jewelry as a gift!

I had never heard of Thomas Sabo... and after some research on the internet, found that they do not have stores in the U.S. nor do they ship direct to the U.S. You can buy his jewelry through other retailers, you just can't buy direct from them and ship here.

Inside the big bag was this cute smaller bag.

Thomas Sabo's Charm Club seal.

Inside the sealed bag this totally cute little round striped box!

See how cute this box is?

Cute! I tell you.

Here is the charm I received. Want to see closer???

A chocolate brown with a silver swirl and a pink dollop on top! My own little cupcake charm!

Here it is next to a dime to give you an idea of just how CUTE this little charm is!

I don't have a charm bracelet, but I think I just found the cutest reason ever to start one!
Thanks honey....I LOVE it!

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  1. Wow! How lucky are you! At first I couldn't figure out what DH was, now I know! Just adorable...almost as cute as the cupcakes you make yourself! So sweet!