Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SmackDown vs. RAW

Do you know who this is?

This was my first request for a WWE cake. I had to do some research on the internet and I found a lot of information regarding WWF v. WWF. The World Wildlife Foundation sued the World Wrestling Federation for the rights to the "WWF".

I understand you don't want people to infringe on your idea and confuse you with another.....but seriously....
who could confuse this....
with this.....Ultimately the original WWF won the battle and World Wrestling Federation became World Wrestling Entertainment. WWF to WWE.
Smackdown vs. RAW is a video game based on the WWE players. I found a few screen images and decided to make a wrestling ring.

I had limited time in this design, so the ring posts are cookie sticks and the ropes are curling ribbon. I know I could figure out a way to make this 100% edible......white chocolate covered pretzel rods and red licorice rope??? I guess we'll see if I get another request for a WWE cake!

P.S. The guy at the beginning is John Cena and he is the KING of wrestling....at least according to Chandler!

Hope your 12th birthday was Smackdown fantastic Chandler!

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