Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yeah! I was lucky enough to get another locally held class with Ashlee Perkins!
She is moving up north in a few months and I wanted to take advantage of the fact that she is here now, to learn as much as I can!

This is her much really can't know how difficult it is until you try.
So we started with 3 layers of cake. These were 1/2 sheets. And you start carving a general dog shape. Ashlee gave great drawings to help us "see" our dog in the cake.
This was getting the back legs and narrowing the body up to the head.
Here is the top view at this stage.
Then we carved out the head and front legs and paws.
Here is a front view of his head.
Can you see him yet?
I took a lot of pictures of the carving stages to help me remember if I get to do another one of these someday!
Then we covered him in buttercream icing. Have to have a good base so the fondant will hold tight, plus you want the yummy factor!
Front view of buttercream iced.
Then, just like last time, once I started working with the fondant....I didn't stop to take too many pictures! I don't work with it that often and I worry about it drying out!

So now he is covered first with white fondant, then his facial features are molded and airbrushed.
This was also my first time to use an airbrush machine, I think I need a TON more practice!
He also has his red "Georgia Bulldogs" shirt added. It never fails, trying to leave natural looking wrinkles in his shirt.....impossible! When you want wrinkles you can't make them, and then when you want get wrinkles!

I was feeling a bit like Murphy was messing with me during class!!!
You know....Murphy's law???
So here is my bulldog.please don't go back and look at Ashlee's!

Here he is at my house!
I hope I get the chance to try this again!
Go Dawgs!


  1. Need more practice? You are INCREDIBLY talented! The cakes here could easily compete on Food Network's Challenge, or go against Duff any day! Beautiful work. I wish I was 1/8 as creative and able to execute as you are!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Did you use one big piece of white fondant to cover the entire dog? :o)

    1. Michelle~ I actually used 2 pieces of white fondant to cover the entire cake, I made sure to have the seam where they meet underneath where the shirt was going.