Friday, May 7, 2010

Mortarboard Mayhem....or Mad Cap Grad Cap...the story continues....

Okay, maybe I jinxed myself by calling this post Mortarboard Mayhem or Mad Cap Grad Cap.....but the Fed Ex shipment wasn't delivered today!

ARRRGGHHHH! I can't even tell you how frustrated I am! I spent good money to make sure the package arrived TODAY!!! Now it's sitting overnight at the local Fed Ex in Nebraska. Tomorrow is the graduation and now someone will have to rearrange their schedule to get the package before the ceremony.

I guess I'll post the HAPPY ending once the cookies are in hand!
(See what I did there???....I'm setting it up for a good outcome!.....crossing fingers)


  1. The cookies were a BIG, BIG hit with family, friends, Kaitlyn and ALL who attended Graduation!!!!! However, in order to have a cookie - everyone had to hear the story of the "Graduation Cookie Adventures" between Georgia and Nebraska! Thank you, dear friend, for all of your hard work!!!! The cookies were absolutely gorgeous and just delicious!!!!

  2. Oh and......HAPPY, HAPPY ENDING!!!!