Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bride and Groom Cookies

When I wasn't available to make the wedding cake (we were heading out of town to a wedding of our own!), the bride and her mom still wanted to have something from Cake Believe at the wedding.

So how about cookies as favors for the guests as they leave?


Now, what design???

The bride showed me some pictures of cakes she liked and she found a picture of cake pops that were decorated like a bride's gown and a tuxedo that she really liked.

We can certainly do a similar design on cookies! 

It's not an original creation, this thought of using a heart (to represent the love) and decorating them as bride and groom are all over the web!

What makes it unique?  Well this groom wasn't wearing a tux, he was wearing a suit!
And the color of the bridesmaid's and groomsmen's ties is watermelon!

So I matched the icing to the fabric swatch and viola!

Happy Wedding ... Wishing you a Lifetime of LOVE!!!


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    1. Thanks Stephanie! I hope your recent changes of no longer selling cakes was a positive thing for you. I really am enjoying all of our new tutorials and recipes! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with everyone!