Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Topsy Turvy Tye Dye Glitter Peace ~ Say that 3 times, fast!

For Courtney's 10th birthday it had to be all about RETRO!!!
Peace signs and tie dye.
I used the same technique of painting on buttercream as before in Tie Dye Disco.  This time the colors are deeper.

 Of course topsy turvy is "totally rad" so we had to do that!
I made the chocolate peace signs from colored chocolate and wanted to make them sparkly so I add colored sugar to each one!  And white chocolate flower power too!

Also added some disco dancers made of chocolate.

Once I got to the party for set-up, I added some additional fondant peace signs that also had colored sugar added for sparkle.

Here you can see the cake with some of the table decor. 
They were having a roller skating party!  I love how trends roll back around. 
I'm sure I would have LOVED a tie dye party when I was 10. 
Hope you had a great party Courtney!


  1. The sparkly peace signs are so cool!! I would have loved this at 10 too!

  2. Love it! So special, a great idea : ) Congrats!

  3. Looks AMAZING!!! I know what kind of cake I am having for my birthday.