Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kessler ~ Ray Wedding

What a beautiful location to be married. This is the Westin Savannah. It is located on the Savannah river and you can actually take a ferry and cross the river to get to River Street for a great tour of historic Savannah.

Here they have the chairs set up in the garden area for the wedding. You can see the river in the background. Some nice boats and a bit of River Street also. Thankfully the weather was very cooperative today. We have been having lots of rain, but not a drop today and although it was quite warm...the wedding was at 7pm...perfect temperature!

Here is the Bride's dress.
(Just a close up because I wanted to see the pattern in the bodice)

This is my sugar translation of that beautiful pattern.

Want to see more?

I made a couple dozen cupcakes to ensure enough servings for all guests.

I used those beautiful cupcake wrappers again.

Tied each with a bow.

Congratulations Ansley and Jason!


  1. It is just so cool that you posted photos of the Wedding location and that beautiful dress! It really gives us a feel for what the wedding was like and how well that gorgeous cake tied into it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The cake matches the dress perfectly! I love staying in Savannah. In fact, my mom and I got to meet Paula Deen the last time we stayed in the Westin! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.