Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby's First Birthday

First birthdays are always fun for me.
I get to make a cute little cake for the birthday baby and that just makes me smile!
Brett's mom wanted to include ducks on his cake because Brett has taken to "quacking" at everthing these days. So I made some party ducks to help him celebrate his first birthday.
When my kids had their first birthday, they had a cake made by me (of course), but no "smash" cake. It is a southern thing and I just hadn't really heard of it yet.
My first child's first birthday was a hummingbird, not a cake that looked like a hummingbird, but a recipe called hummingbird cake (minus the nuts). My son LOVED bananas and I wanted to make a "healthy" cake (hee hee), so Hummingbird cake it was. I made some icing ballons on the top and that was the extent of my decorating.

I don't have a digital picture of his cake....but here he is on his First birthday.....9 years ago!

This is my second born....and I had advanced my technology enough to have a digital camera! So I do have pictures of him eating his cake and also of the cake before it was eaten. When I look at pictures of my early cake skills....I can only laugh and say.....good thing it tasted good!
I remember searching all over town for the candy Chuckles to make the leaves on this jungle cake. The chocolate monkeys were my very first ever attempt at using chocolate as a medium for decorating....please don't look too closely (remember this is over 7 years ago ~ so be kind) .
Well, now the cakes still taste good, and are made from the heart with love....but maybe they are a bit more civilized in the decorating techniques.
Happy First Birthday Baby!

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